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Curated Happiness

Our Head Chef

I hate writing things like this so here's what you need to know about me:

  1. Cooking is a form of curated happiness: it is selectively allowing yourself to find a moment of peace and joy no matter what is happening in life by relaxing into the sense of wonder that happens when you take a bite of something mouth-wateringly good.
  2. Baking was how I coped with things beyond my understanding or ability to deal with. Cooking was a natural next step.
  3. Creativity defines my life, and cooking is how I manifest that creativity
  4. There is absolutely nothing in life that can't be momentarily fixed by a little bit of chocolate and a ton of sugar.
  5. My nickname in college was Lez - I'll give you one guess as to why. 
  6. The best things about me are my girlfriend and my dogs who are always the best taste testers and are my inspiration for everything I do. 
  7. I am a very not-classically trained Chef
  8. I grew up in a vegan and gluten free household, so I will always have a special place in my heart for some of my favorite recipes - which bend the conventional rules of cooking, using nothing refined (no oils, and only whole grains), no animal products, and/or no gluten containing products. 

It's really quite simple: I am A chef that believes good food is the foundation to all things great. 

Let's work together: 

  1. Specialty Foods - the cakes, the multi-tiered desserts, the things that make people look at it and say WOW = that's edible art. 
  2. The Monthly Cookie Subrscription - have you ever sat down on the couch and thought to yourself, "what I really want right now is a cookie and some milk". Me too. That's why I set up the monthly cookie subscription system. You get a box, filled with cookies, every month. It's that simple. I may not send the milk, but you're 50% closer to the perfect evening. 
  3. Private Chef Parties - the events where you and up to 15 guests invite me into your home to take care of all the food-related needs your party has. From custom 5 course wine/beer/liquor food pairings, to the typical dinner party spread where you just need a set of extra hands to get things done: this is where you let me help you serve the best dinner party you can possibly imagine. 
  4. I don't feel like making dinner tonight - this is where you (the one that doesn't want to make dinner) call me, and let me come cook dinner for you (and maybe a few others) just because you want a restaurant quality meal, from the comfort of your own home.