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Curated Happiness

Personal Chef Services

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I was a restaurant executive chef before I decided to make the change to put taste, flavors, and a passion for my community at the forefront. I will help you cook for whatever situation and event you can think up. I have cooked on backpacking trips, for graduation parties, for people that just didn't feel like cooking, for engagement parties, wedding rehearsals you name it. 



  • You pick the venue, and let me know how many guests there are
  • fee's are based on number of people I'm cooking for
  • We create a custom menu. Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free are easily accomodated, as well as any other allergy or sensitivity. I just need to know ahead of time! 

24.99$ per month

The Cookie Cult


Cult: "Noun, Excessive admiration for a particular thing" 

The cookie cult is a simple way for you to get your baked goods fix every month. I bake the cookies fresh, mail them to you, and they are guaranteed to arrive within 2 days of coming out of the oven.

Or: got a celebration coming up and need the perfect gift? What better way to send them love and care than customized baked goods made with care and taste as the primary goal.



  • Bakers dozen every month
  • Delivered the 1st Friday of every month
  • Custom blend cookies, new each month
  • Special Requests? Let me know, or order for a specific event


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From cakes to pies to creampuff's, no specialty dessert is too crazy.  Just good cake, good flavors, and curated happiness. 



  • You pick the dessert

  • you tell me how many people it needs to feed

  • I make it

  • You eat it and enjoy it.